Mark Levin: ‘Do You Think Obama’s a Christian? I Don’t Think He Is’



Nationally syndicated radio show host Mark Levin, on his show yesterday evening, answered an oft asked question frequently posed to political candidates and potential Republican candidates for president by the mainstream media: “Is Obama a Christian?”

“I have said, long before Rudy,” stated Mark Levin, “that I don’t believe Obama loves America, based on his own statements, his past, his associations and this whole notion of ‘fundamental transformation.'”

“Since the lib media keep asking political candidates,” stated Levin, “I’ll answer the question: ‘Do you think Obama’s a Christian?’ I don’t think he is. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a Muslim or anything else. I just don’t think this guy practices anything.”

“Well Mark, he was in, uhh, you know, Wright’s church,” sarcastically stated Levin, who was acting as if someone else had made the statement. “Well that’s exactly my point. Wright’s church was all about radical, left-wing, Marxist, hate-America politics. Now, you can call it a church. He can wear a robe. He can frame a certificate from wherever he got it. But that’s not a real church, in my humble opinion, and yes, I get to make these opinions too.”

“So no, I don’t think Obama really is a practicing Christian,” said Levin. “I don’t see him at church. I see him on the golf course. I don’t see him defending Christianity.”

“In Syria,” continued Levin, “scores of Christians were just taken, by the Islamo-Nazis. They specifically went after the children and the women. Well what do you think that’s about?”

“Now Obama’s very very defensive about Islam and very very put off about Christianity, not to mention Judaism,” said Levin. “So no, I do not think he’s a Christian, in the sense of a practicing Christian. That doesn’t mean I think he’s a Muslim or anything else. I just don’t think he’s much of a Christian.”

“Mark, who are you to pass judgment?” Levin asked himself, again acting as though he was someone else. “I don’t know. The media asks everybody. Right Mr. Producer? Didn’t they ask Scott Walker: ‘Well, ya think he’s a Christian?’ They think it’s funny. They think it’s a joke-trying to trap, trip up everybody. Well I gave my answer.”

“If the liberal media are going to ask it, I may answer it, and I just did,” stated Levin. He went on, again speaking as though he were someone else: “Oh, you should avoid these things.”

“I don’t want to avoid these things,” said Levin. “I sit down, read what the man says, listen to what he says, study who he is. I know almost as much about Obama as Obama knows about Obama, certainly more than most, and it’s, in my view, a legitimate question, not for Republicans running for office, because it has nothing to do with them, but for you and I to noodle over it-to really think about it. That’s my opinion.”

“If he’s a Christian, that is, a practicing Christian, he has a funny way of showing it doesn’t he?” Levin asked rhetorically. “He has a funny way of defending his religion. He has a funny way of speaking out for the Christians who are being rounded up in the Middle East, and Africa-the little girls, raped, sold into slavery and God knows what else. Hardly a word. That’s just my opinion.”

“The media running around, asking Republicans, ‘Well, you think he’s a Christian?’ said Levin. “I gave you my answer. They started it. They want to know. There’s the answer.”


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  1. If somneone said a certain politician is not Christian because his father was a Jew we would see posts here about anti-semitism. But this calling Obama a Muslim is the same kind of racism.

  2. As I have been saying for years, Obama is neither Christian, nor Muslim. He is an atheist, essentially a self-idolator. He understandably has a fondness for Islam due to spending a good chunk of his childhood around the faith. Ultimately, he believes he is as high a power as exists.

  3. Sorry #2. It’s got nothing to do with his father being a Muslim. It’s got to do with what he is practicing now. He could have been born Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist -the conclusion as to what he is or isn’t now would be the same.

  4. What? Racism again?? This is the home base that lefties are always running to.

    If you want to talk racism, in actuality, Obama himself is clearly a big racist hypocrite! Why?

    The murder of three Muslims in North Carolina is an anti-Muslim hate crime; the murder of Jewish hostages in a Kosher Market in Paris is a “random act”

    If blacks kill blacks, it does not elicit a response from Obama; Trayon Martin and Michael Brown? Obama makes Martin and Brown into martyrs in the name of racism.

    Iran builds nuclear reactors for “legitimate peaceful purposes”; Israel building a residential dwelling on “occupied territory” is an act of war.

    Enough already with your quirky leftist moral equivalence! Obama’s sympathy for Muslims, his disdain for Jews and Christians, and, most of all, his disdain for white people is clearly transparent.

    Mark Levin is spot on!


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