Mark Levin: “I Can Barely Contain My Fury At What Is Going On” January 12, 2013  6:20 pm

mark-levinFrom the Mark Levin Show on Thursday, January 10:

“You know folks, I’ll be honest with you. I just told a friend of mine — even though I sit behind this microphone and I try to be civil and so forth — I can barely contain my fury about what’s going on in this country. I’m just being honest with you. I can barely contain it. I’m so frustrated by this tyranny, you have no idea. Now we can analyze it, we can intellectualize it, we can parse it and so forth and try to unravel it. But I’m just telling you, from an emotional point of view, it is just so … infuriating to see the greatest country on the face of the earth run by a bunch of lilliputians, who are constantly attacking it from within.

“No discussion on the news programs about an imperial president exercising an authority he does not have under our constitution. Nothing. No discussion about all the lives saved and all the people protected as a result of the Second Amendment. Nothing. They continue to perpetuate the lie, the big lie that somehow, some new regulation, some new government fiat would have prevented what happened in Newtown, Connecticut. And then they pretend that they’re for law enforcement. They pretend that they’re hard on crime when they’re not.

“We have evidence over one decade after another of how the very same people pushing for gun control against law-abiding American citizens support radical left-wing judges who are soft on criminals, support weakened sentencing rules, decriminalizing this and that. Since when was Obama strong on fighting crime? Since when has Obama supported law enforcement? But here he is, you know, ‘we have to stop gun violence.’ No, we have to stop violent criminals.

“Now, there’s a fury in me — I’m just being honest with you — that I’m trying to contain. Biden, the moron Senator from Delaware, taking his train back and forth and back and forth on Amtrak. Oh wow, what a guy. Anyway, so they may do by executive fiat — I’m trying to read between the lines — a national gun database. Now, why would we need a national gun database? Well, listen, we need to know who has the weapons, at all times, and how many weapons they have and what weapons they have. How come? Why? The guy that killed all those people in Newtown, Connecticut, we know who he was and we know who had the weapons, his mother. So what does this national database have to do with anything? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Oh, okay, but we need one anyway, right? To prevent what exactly? To prevent what?”


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5 Responses to Mark Levin: “I Can Barely Contain My Fury At What Is Going On”

1 .Comment from Oldtimer

January 12, 2013 at 7:14 pm
Fury that his guy lost the election?

2 .Comment from Ben Torah

January 12, 2013 at 8:17 pm
What a lie! 100% False. Levin does not care about anything except his ratings. Same for Hannity, Limbaugh, Savage and every other entertainer. If they would make more money on the left side they would switch. Anyone who believes that they're serious is a fool.

3 .Comment from YYH Fan

January 12, 2013 at 9:34 pm
i can here his yelling even when just reading this gotta love this guy

4 .Comment from Naftali

January 12, 2013 at 9:47 pm
Why is this on a forum site

5 .Comment from Anonymous

January 13, 2013 at 6:54 am
#2, You are 100%, false and wrong about Limbaugh and Levin.


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