Mark Levin: Obama Is ‘Trying to Protect’ Islam and ‘Is Seeking to Destroy Israel’



President Barack Obama’s failure to honestly address the threat of the Islamic State and radical Islam, along with his actions towards Israel, show that he is “trying to protect the Muslim faith” and is “seeking to destroy Israel,” said nationally syndicated talk-radio host Mark Levin on Tuesday, Feb. 10.

Levin, who is Jewish and a conservative, made his comments after playing an audio clip of Obama in a recent Vox interview describing the radical Muslim attack on a kosher deli in Paris as being just “a bunch of violent, vicious zealots who behead people or randomly shoot a bunch of folks in a deli in Paris.”

The people in the kosher deli – killed the same day and in relation to the Islamist attack on the Charlie Hebdo office — were targeted by a radical Muslim.

“There you go – ‘randomly shoot a bunch of folks in a deli in Paris,'” said Levin, whose program is broadcast on more than 300 stations. “Do you know why he says that? He’s trying to protect the Muslim faith.”

“You know why he trashes Christians over the weekend, at the National Prayer Breakfast?” said Levin. “He’s trying to protect the Muslim faith. Do you know why they [Obama administration] censor themselves and change the language describing the enemy? Because he’s trying to protect the Muslim faith of his father – the Muslim faith he was around far more than traditional Christian faith.”

Levin, a New York Times best-selling author, then talked about how Obama spent at least 20 years attending the radical left-wing church headed, until 2008, by Rev. Jeremiah Wright in Chicago.

“I don’t think Barack Obama was ever taught about Christianity,” said Levin. “He was taught about radicalism through a cereal box preacher, camouflaged as a church. He was taught extreme radicalism rather than faith. The one faith he had exposure to was his father’s faith.”

Obama’s father, Barack Obama Sr., was born a Muslim and he divorced Barack’s mother, Ann Dunham, in 1964. She went on to meet and marry (in 1965) Lolo Soetero, an Indonesian Muslim. Barack Obama and his mother lived with Soetoro, Obama’s step-father, in Indonesia between 1967 and mid-1971.

Levin continued, “So Obama has an affinity for Islam far more than Christianity and Judaism, no question about it. No question about it. I’m not surmising, I’m not implying, I’m listening to him. I’m watching him. He’s telling us this.”

“If organized religion, if organized Christianity were going through a continent slaughtering Muslims and Jews and anybody else who wouldn’t agree with them, I think Obama would point that out,” said Levin, who was chief of staff to Attorney General Edwin Meese in the Reagan administration.

“Obama already is seeking to destroy Israel,” said Levin. “That’s right, I said it. He seeks to destroy Israel. Yes, he does. He seeks to destroy Israel. This I am convinced of now too. ”

Back in January, Levin also spoke at length on President Obama’s actions and how they display “all the signals of an anti-Semite.”

“This man has all the signals of an anti-Semite,” said Levin. “And I’m not going to take that word back. I believe this in my heart and my soul. It’s not about Israel, it’s about what’s in Israel.”




  1. Under Obama’s leadership the US and allies have been making an average of a hundred airstrikes a day against Islamic State and he is asking for congressional authorization for ground operations. I’m not sure what else Levin could want.

  2. obama wants to destroy america
    obama wants to destroy healthcare
    obama wants to destroy immigration
    he wants to weaken the usa – removing nuclear capability
    oibama doesnt care. oy!

  3. Mark Levin – you said it and we all thunk it but are fearful to say it!
    The prez even confesses that he dislikes Netanyahu.
    Grankly I dislike a lot about him too but if he’s the lrader of a nation – a very, very important nation to both America’s interests as well as the only democracy in the region atop the fact that the country is our ally, how dare he distance him because he dislikes him personally.
    Mark, thank you!

  4. Levin said “The one faith he had exposure to was his father’s faith.”

    Actually, the main faith Obama was nurtured in by family, friends, and associates was communism. Islam is useful to him as a tool to destroy the West and Israel. The Jews in Obama’s inner circle have mostly been radical leftists.

  5. It’s a shame that someone as intelligent as Charlie Hall has blinders on. Charlie is blinded by his Imam friends in the Bronx. They might be nice guys, but there are way too many that aren’t for Obama to ignore. The radical Islamists ARE Muslim, no matter what Obama says. I don’t like how the Open “orthodox” practice their faith, so I could argue that they are not Jews. I would be just as wrong as Obama is.

  6. Here’s a prediction: within one year of leaving office, Obama will be wearing traditional African and Muslim frocks and headwear a la Malcolm X. He’ll do it not out of religious zeal but as a political statement. Personally, I don’t think Obama worships anything but himself.


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