Marlboro Man Dies at 85



Darrell Winnfield, the most prolific of the Marlboro Men, died this week at age 85. Winnfield’s flinty visage was the basis for the character and he appeared in eight out of 10 of the iconic cigarette advertisements at one point.

The real deal, he worked on his own ranch every day, and reportedly wore his own clothes during photo shoots.

“You could look at the different cowboys that we’ve used and you could argue that they were all the Marlboro man,” a Philip Morris spokesman said in 1992. “But Darrell is really the Marlboro man.”

No cause of death was given. Winnfield is survived by his wife and six children. Read more at The Los Angeles Times.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Though I have never smoked in my life I found that the news of Darrell Winnfield’s death brought back thoughts of my youth.

    May his family and friends be comforted knowing that he was known to millions.

  2. In a video clip I saw years ago, a pathologist is seen holding a blackened human lung. He announces to those assembled: “THIS is Marlboro Country”

  3. 85 is not a bad run for someone who smoked. A lot of people die much younger than that even though they never touched a cigarette in their life.

  4. I was a smoker for 20+ years. Every pack of cigarettes sold since 1965 had a very clear warning printed on the side. Don’t blame the Marlboro man, blame the idiot smokers!

  5. Most smokers live to ripe old ages. Plenty of health freaks die young. So smoking doesn’t end life, Hashems will does it. FYI my great grandfather smoke 2 packs a day and lived till 90.

  6. Non smoker and Yh,
    Yes he lived till 85,
    What about all the other people that did not make it?
    No smoking does not get you cancer %100, but do you want to take that chance?

  7. One guy living until 85 doesn’t change the overwhelming research based statistical evidence. Smoking cigarettes is dangerous to your health and can kill you.


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