Matzav Purim Poem 5775


purimBy S. Friedman

A long time ago in a land far far away

The Yidden were in exile and did not want to stay

A sequence of events occurred, divine in nature

With the most unlikeliest of outcomes one would wager

Behind the scenes a symphony was orchestrated

When as a nation we seemed to be quite ill fated

It all began with a grand party for the king

For he wanted even the Jews under his wing

Against sagely advice people did go

“They won, we may as well go with the flow!”

It was made to be kosher, with a minyan and glatt

I’m sure they even had for the phones a parking spot

But “seudas Achashveirosh” was coined for a reason

Gluttony at it’s best, all the food in season

Wine tasting, mixed drinks and liquors from every nation

Ahh, the sweet smell of the cigar rolling station!

While the fee for attendance was naught

Their Jewish souls, in his net were caught

As a result of this a heavenly decree came to pass

Haman convinced Achashveirosh to kill the Jews en masse

After a beheading that would inspire even ISIS

The king was in search for a new queen, a Miss

Esther was chosen despite a unique green complexion

The king viewed all the others like they had an Ebola infection

Mordechai eavesdropped on a plot right out of Shakespeare

Bigsan and Serash then wore “I Can’t Breathe” shirts- a pair!

He advised Esther and got the Jews to fast and repent

Would there be enough time for the decree to be bent?

When Achashveirosh awoke at night, the crescendo began to play

“Haman, how do I bestow one honor, what do you say?”

On a horse with kingly garments Mordechai was pranced about

“This is what is done for a man the king wants to honor,” Haman did shout

Maybe Haman’s daughter thought he supported fighting ALS

But it was not ice in the bucket she threw- what a mess!

Then to an exclusive, minimum per plate, party he was rushed

When Esther said “J’accuse!” Boy did Haman blush.

And so ended his career, and he had nothing to say

50 feet high from the gallows Haman did sway

Mordechai was promoted with the sudden vacancy

And the Jews had been brought out of their complacency

The decree was altered and we were all saved from annihilation

Instead for all generations Purim is the greatest celebration

So give m’shaloch monos, drink wine in copious amounts

And give tons of tzedakah– empty your bank accounts!

The party of all parties, on Purim we celebrate the most

Because we know Who invited us- the Ultimate Host

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