Raising the Bar

6, since its inception, has endeavored to raise the standard of Jewish online reporting, providing news in a Torahdike manner and publicizing the hashkafos and psakim of our gedolei rabbonim.

Taking a look at the large number of ‘Jewish’ sites in cyberspace, there is a disproportionate number of sites representing left-wing or fringe segments of the Jewish world. There are so few that are truly representative of the Torah world and the ideals we hold dear. has and will continue to maintain its strict standards, following the guidance of experts in the chareidi media world and the advice of rabbonim.

We are stepping up to the plate to provide voices of reliable Torah hashkafa to be heard and read online.

Now, the Matzav Revolution is taking its next step, and part of it has been a change of ownership and management at the site. We are keeping all our talented writers – Dovid Bernstein, Yair Alpert and Noam Amdurski – and will continue to feature the same inspiring and intriguing news, Torah and hashkafa as we have in the past. has had the strictest moderation of all Jewish online media of this kind, but even stricter levels of moderation are now being put in place.

 It is important to note that strict moderation does not preclude the sharing of opinions. Nor does strict standards mean that the news and entertainment cannot be creative and fun. What matters is that the content and presentation is hashkafically acceptable and appropriate.

 Boruch Hashem, we have merited for many of the gedolei roshei yeshivos in the United States to have taken an active interest in our activities, and we are pleased to announce that we will be raising the bar of our standards even more.

The current undertaking is part of the larger initiative of the Matzav Network, which is discussed in a separate post.

{Elisha Ferber, Chief Editor, Newscenter}


  1. Announcements through the shuls, organizations, and Kol Korehs give us the point of view as stated by out Rabbonim. Ordinary people have no real opportunity to express themselves through the standard mediums. It is only via the net that ordinary people can give their perspective. Sometimes the sites that project some of these opinions aren’t kosher as the blogger has his own agenda which isn’t always kosher.
    Nevertheless, we have to remember that there is a rule that whenever the Rabbonim made a “gzeira sheh ain ha’am yochol la’amod bo” it didn’t take effect. The am I don’t believe means Rabbonim or Gedolim. Rather, it means the ordinary Yossele on the street.
    The net has proven to be an effective method for the little guy to get his message across. If Doesn’t allow comments and opinions by those who protest, the sites you would rather they don’t use will be used.
    L’Shona Tova.

  2. Let’s get real. The internet it TREIFF! Period, end of story! My Rov has said many a time: even if you want to say that there is Torah on the web, it’s like learning Torah in the “Bais Hakesay”! Mitzvah Haba Beavairah!

  3. Torah Haskafa should mean that when the videos of the Moadim L’simcha sale in Lakewood were embarassing to some of the “customers”, (see their comments), the videos & photos should have been removed from the site!!


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