Mayor: Eight Dead In Confirmed Terror Attack


Mayor DeBlasio has confirmed that today’s incident was terror related. He asked that NYC citizens be vigilant, especially while Halloween is celebrated tonight.

DeBlasio updated the amount of fatalities: there are now eight confirmed deaths in today’s attack.



  1. Why did the Mayor have to mention that this was terror related??? This will only inflame these sick hateful racist white NFL fans! They will now feel justified to practice thwir hate on people of the Muslim faith.

  2. Prayers for Ariel Erlij and the other victims of the terrible attack on Tuesday in NYC.

    More “spillover” from the Syrian Civil War.

    As I have been warning publicly since August 21st 2013, the conflict is like a cancer. Since then it has metastasized far and wide in the global body politic with many innocent people affected in Paris, Nice, Sydney, Orlando, Manchester, London, Barcelona, New York City etc. etc. All this satanic chaos because various “leaders” have ignored the optimal solution plan to end the conflict.


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