Mazel Tov! Prince William Honors Jewish Charity in London by Busting Out Some Hebrew


prince williamPrince William showed off his Hebrew skills when he celebrated the 25th anniversary of Jewish Care at Alexandra Palace in London on Thursday evening, reports People Magazine.

After meeting with various members of the Jewish Care community, William, 32, gave a short speech honoring the organization, which is focused on providing health and social care services for members of the Jewish community in and around London.

“Your commitment and loyalty to one another and to society more widely is what keeps you strong,” the royal said. “The results of your commitment within the Jewish community are obvious: the loving care that thousands of vulnerable people receive. Congratulations on everything you have achieved. I wish you a wonderful evening and happy birthday. Mazel tov.”

Prince William applauded British Jews in London for staying unified amid threats against the Jewish community.

“During a year when many in the Jewish community have had cause to feel under threat, for no reason other than simply the fact of your Jewishness, your unity is all the more precious,” he said at the Jewish Care’s 25th anniversary dinner at Alexandra Palace. “Your commitment and loyalty to one another, and to society more widely, is ultimately what keeps you strong.”

Addressing more than 1,400 people at the event, the Duke of Cambridge said British Jews deserve “particular praise” for caring for one another and their generosity throughout history. He added, “The results of your commitment to one another within the Jewish community are obvious – the real and loving care that thousands of elderly and vulnerable people receive, among the many works that you carry out.”

Prince William also paid tribute to Jewish Care as a leader in providing health and social care services, especially in relation to dementia, to members of the Jewish community in and around London. The organization has a Holocaust Survivors Center that Prince William said serves as “a second home” to Holocaust survivors liberated 70 years ago.

“All of you in this room, in some way, play your part in making all this happen through this outstanding organization,” he said. “Through your generosity and commitment, I am sure Jewish Care will continue to thrive and grow for the next 25 years.”

Prince William’s address on Thursday night marked his first speech at a Jewish community event. His late mother, Princess Diana, and father Prince Charles supported the cause when they attended a similar dinner in 1984, the Daily Mail reported.

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  1. Is it true that his kids are Jewish? His shvigger is hiding the fact that her mother isJewish. Will someone tell me if this is true.

  2. His shviger is the daughter of Goldsmith and his jewish wife. That makes kate middleton jewish. Prince william is the proud father of the future jewish king of of England. MAZEL TOV!

  3. There are articles on the Internet stating that Kate Middleton’s grandfather was Jewish-Goldsmith but his wife wasn’t. If that’s true
    then Kate is not Jewish. I doubt the Royal family would admit to anyone being Jewish in the royal family so who really knows?


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