Mazel Tovs in the Matzav Family

3 is delighted to share mazel tov new from the Matzav family.

Firstly, tonight, the wedding of Yossie Fried, our dedicated webcast host, will be getting married to Orit Alexander. The wedding will be held at Ateres Charna Hall in Monsey/Spring Valley, with the chupah beginning at 6 p.m. Yossie has hosted and conducted’s exclusive interviews at Mostly Music with Lipa Schmeltzer and Reb Shlomo Hadarshan, as well as other Matzav features. We wish him only bracha and hatzlacha in the future as he embarks on building a bayis ne’eman b’Yisroel.

Mazel tov, as well, to our dedicated writer Noam Amdurski and his wife on the birth of a baby girl early this morning. May they see much nachas from this new baby and the rest of their wonderful family.

Mazel tov to all and may the greater family – all of you dear readers around the globe – only celebrate simchos in the future.

{Elisha Newscenter}



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