McCain Blasts ‘Half-baked, Spurious Nationalism’ In Emotional Speech


Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) blasted “half-baked, spurious nationalism” in the United States in an emotional speech Monday night after receiving the National Constitution Center’s Liberty Medal.

The Arizona senator said “we live in a land made of ideals, not blood and soil” and said Americans “are the custodians of those ideals at home, and their champion abroad.”

“We have done great good in the world. That leadership has had its costs, but we have become incomparably powerful and wealthy as we did,” McCain said.

“We have a moral obligation to continue in our just cause, and we would bring more than shame on ourselves if we don’t. We will not thrive in a world where our leadership and ideals are absent.” Read more at The Hill.



  1. These sour half-baked evil people lost and lost again because they’re anti-America. Why don’t you bitter losers McCain and Hillary leave us alone? Go away already!


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