McCain: Obama Doesn’t Understand Hacks Are Warfare



Sen. John McCain, the incoming Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said President Barack Obama doesn’t understand that the cyber attack on Sony is a new form of warfare.

Obama was interviewed Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” telling host Candy Crowley that he didn’t consider the hacking an act of war, but an act of vandalism, Newsmax reports.

“The president does not understand that this is a manifestation of a new form of warfare,” McCain said in a separate interview with Crowley afterward. “When you destroy economies, when you are able to impose censorship on the world, and especially on the United States of America, it’s more than vandalism.”

McCain said he wants to see a vigorous reaction from the United States against North Korea, which has been identified as being behind the attack. Threats against theaters showing the comedy “The Interview,” which depicts the assassination of North Korean dictator Kim Jung-un, forced theaters to pull the film and Sony to decide not to release it as scheduled.

McCain said the United States has been late to the game in the world of cyber warfare and should develop countermeasures to respond and prevent such attacks.

Hacks from China already have exposed some of America’s most important military secrets, he said.

“We’ve lost billions of dollars in industrial capabilities and secrets,” McCain told Crowley.

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  1. McCain is still in the US Senate. He is welcome to introduce a declaration of war resolution there. If he really thinks this is war he should put his money where his mouth is and do that. Otherwise this is mere political posturing. And this makes me even more happy that I voted for Obama over McCain; the last thing we need is a war with a state whose military is four times the size as that of the US and has nuclear weapons.

  2. 1 and 2 (and Mr. McCain): It’s hard to prove a negative.

    This isn’t a “new” kind of warfare. It’s been going on for decades, just mostly behind the scenes.

    It is a difficult and complex war, more complex than one of guns and bullets, and potentially more devastating.

    Most of the battles are done in secret, and no side, especially the US Government will reveal their capabilities, both offensive and defensive.

  3. So if he had called it an act of war, on whom would we have declared war back? We’re not even 100% sure it was North Korea. It could have been China, it could have been some other rogue group, or even Russia. And how would we conduct such a war? How do you bomb a computer network,when it lives on laptops in somebody’s briefcase?

    I agree with Sen. McCain that this is a new form of aggression, but it isn’t “warfare” in the old-fashioned use of the term either. We need to do some serious, innovative thinking here.

    In the meantime, calling it “vandalism” tells the people who did it that we aren’t going to put up with it without getting too specific about what we’re going to do.


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