McCain: Obama Has “Done Well”


mccain-obamaSen. John McCain says his opponent in last year’s presidential campaign, Barack Obama, has “done well” in his first five months in the White House. The Arizona Republican says that using a legislative scorecard to judge the presidency so far, Obama has achieved all his legislative goals. On the down side, McCain says that Obama’s successes in Congress have come with little or no Republican support. McCain also is critical of Obama for setting a date for closing the detainee facility at Guantanamo Bay without first developing a comprehensive plan for what to do with its prisoners.And the Arizona senator says Obama should speak out more in support of protesters in Iran.

McCain says the U.S. should board a North Korean ship it is tracking if hard evidence shows it is carrying missiles or other cargo in violation of U.N. resolutions.

McCain says that such cargo would contribute to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction to nations that pose a direct threat to the United States.

South Korean media reported Sunday that the ship was sailing toward Myanmar via Singapore.

The Obama administration has said it’s prepared to confront ships believed to be carrying contraband materials to North Korea, but would not try to forcibly board them.

McCain appeared today on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

{WCBS-TV/Noam Newscenter}


  1. Why on earth should we CARE what John McCain thinks of the President’s first five months in office? I think we should concern ourselves with “our own” opinions.


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