McCain: War With NKorea Would Be ‘Catastrophe of Enormous Proportions’


mccainMore than once wars have been started by accident, and Sen. John McCain, predicted that a conflict between the Koreas would be a “catastrophe of enormous proportions.”

Warning on “Face the Nation” that “North Korea could set Seoul on fire,” the Arizona Republican said that China is failing to reign its ally in.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s recent warmongering rhetoric is nothing new. The country takes such action every five years or so when a new South Korean president is elected.

But this is the first time for the young leader, believed to be in his mid- to late 20s.

“China does hold the key to this problem.” McCain asserted.

Typically, the U.S. demands that North Korea abandon its nuclear program in exchange for aid. But they won’t ever keep such a promise, because that would make the otherwise poor country “totally irrelevant,” according to McCain.


{ Newscenter}


  1. They would’t need nuclear weapons to do it. They have enough conventional artillery trained on Seoul to wipe it out in an hour. The North Korean government is dangerous to everyone – including its own people. Who’s actually running it? No one knows, except that we know it’s not that bewildered-looking kid.

  2. McCain’s ’08 presidential run was a “Catastrophe”, his political regression is a “Catastrophe”. Stopping maniacs before they reach a capacity to hurt us, is preventing a real catastrophe. Don’t listen to Chamberlain, I mean McCain.


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