McCain: We Won Iraq, Obama Lost It


mccainSenator John McCain let it rip on Morning Joe Friday, declaring that “I predicted” the chaos and violence erupting in Iraq. “We had it won,” McCain said. The U.S. “had the conflict won thanks to the surge … We had a stable government.”

McCain also believed that “if we left the residual force behind we would not be facing the crisis today.” Asked what the administration should do now, McCain admitted there are “no good options right now” but that just airstrikes is “not the answer either.”

He did however argue that “everyone in the national security team” should be fired because “they’ve been a total failure.” The senator warned viewers that the same violence will erupt in Afghanistan if a residual force is not left behind. Read more at Morning Joe.



  1. What McCain is saying is that the US should have essentially occupied Iraq permanently.

    I’m not one of those isolationists like Ron and Rand Paul who thinks that the US should never intervene anywhere under any circumstances, but there are limits to how much the US can or should do. The Iraqi government installed by the US at the point of a gun was never strong and never broad based. Nor did its leaders want to be. That there is a revolt is no surprise.


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