Meretz Apologizes For Campaign Ad Featuring Little Girl Harassed By ‘Chareidi’ Man


beit-shemeshMeretz party leader Zahava Gal-On has apologized to a Beit Shemesh mother for using a picture of her daughter, who was allegedly harassed by a chareidi man, in its televised campaign ad last week.

9-year-old Na’ama Margolese last year became the symbol of a struggle against a certain group’s opposition to a religious girls school in Beit Shemesh. The mother, Hadassah, told Haaretz, “I hope no one else uses Naama’s picture for their political agenda.”

{ Israel News Bureau}}


  1. The first to use Na’ama’s picture for their political agenda was not Meretz. The who had used her was Lapid. He launched his political party off this….

    But the first were the PARENTS themselves! What type of nonsense was this to have your daughter all over television and be the symbol of your “enlightenment”?

  2. The mother has asked the media to stop, had nothing to do with this and knowing them personally, just wants achdus. Please don’t blame the family.


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