Merkel Brought a Map to White House to Explain Putin Threat to Trump


German Chancellor Angela Merkel reportedly brought a visual aid to the White House to help President Trump understand the threat posed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to Politico, Merkel “brought a 1980s map of the former Soviet Union and noted the way its borders stretched for hundreds of miles to the west of Russia’s current boundary, according to a source who was briefed on the meeting.

The German leader’s point was that Putin laments the Soviet Union’s demise and, left unchecked, would happily restore its former borders. Merkel left Washington unconvinced that Trump had gotten the message, the source said.” Read more at POLITICO.



  1. Merkel cannot speak, her country is being invaded by people who will be living off her funds their life time plus their children’s, who kill, rape, and steal, there are no go zones in Germany that German police don’t even want to go and in a few years the Germany we knew will be no more. And she is giving Trump a lecture on what ?????

  2. You gotta love it how these elitist think that their opinion is fact and any counter opinion Is foolish. Weak leader.


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