Meshugeneh Velt: Richest Contract in Sports History


baseballGiancarlo Stanton just hit a home run to the bank. The 25-year-old Marlins Slugger signed a 13-year, $325 million contract extension that is the richest deal in sports history.

Stanton, who was a National League MVP runner-up, agreed to include a no-trade clause and an opt-out chance after six years.

The highest contract previously went to Alex Rodriguez, who scored $275 million for 10 years with the New York Yankees. Read more at Yahoo!

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. I fail to see what’s so “meshugah”… Obviously, the owners are making a lot of money from having him on their team, so why not?

    If I had a sales-man bringing in billions of dollars annually, I’d definitely find it worthwhile to pay him 25 million a year… just saying.

  2. The Marlins are nuts. Now what happens if this player gets injured? No player is worth that kind of money.

  3. Respect that his contract is predetermined by expectation.

    This is not “meshuganeh”, but it is meshuganeh to hold this as an evil in society.

    Sports are creative to those who watch and holding sports at a sticks length is not integrating into lost reality.

    Grade this as commercial reality. It will be topped someday.

  4. When it says that it is the richest contract, it means over the life of the contract, not on a yearly salary. True, Cabrera’s contract is worth more on a yearly basis, but over the life of the contract, this is $33 Million more……


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