Mesivta of Long Beach Needs Our Help


rav-yitzchok-feigelstockThe Mesivta of Long Beach, along with the entire surrounding community, has been overrun by floodwater, leaving devastation and destruction in its wake.

  • Four Yeshiva buildings have sustained severe water damage
  • 240 bochurim remain without a home
  • Eleven faculty residences have suffered home and property damage, some in excess of $70,000
  • Hundreds of thousands of dollars in unrecoverable losses threaten the Yeshiva’s operations

An estimated $250,000 per month must be raised to:

  • Secure a temporary location for the Yeshiva at a cost of $50,000 per week
  • Arrange interim office, administrative and general fundraising facilities
  • Provide provisional housing for Yeshiva faculty has joined the effort to help the yeshiva.

A relief fund has also been established to provide basic immediate assistance for the yeshiva‘s faculty and their families.

You can make contributions for:

_ $ 50,000-Underwrite one full week’s expenses for the Yeshiva’s temporary location

_ $ 15,000 – Dedicate a full Shabbos at the Yeshiva’s temporary location

_ $ 7,000 – Dedicate a full day at the Yeshiva’s temporary location

_ $ 3,500 – Dedicate a half day at the Yeshiva’s temporary location

_ $ 1,800 – Dedicate a seder for the Mesivta and Bais Medrash

_ $ 900 – Dedicate a seder for the Bais Medrash

_ $ 500 – Dedicate a seder for the Mesivta

_ $ 250 – Earn a partnership in Keeping the Kol Torah Going

_ $ ________ other contribution amount


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