Mezuzah Burning Suspect Says He Did It Because of Jews’ Chometz Burnings


ruben-ubilesBrooklyn, NY – The suspect accused of torching a dozen mezuzahs in Williamsburg  has confessed to hate crime charges, according to the criminal complaint against him.

Ruben Ubiles, 35, was charged Thursday afternoon with burglary as a hate crime, arson as a hate crime and criminal mischief as a hate crime, police said.

He confessed to the charges when questioned about a lengthy Facebook post he’d written to profess his innocence on Wednesday before he was taken into custody, sources told New York on Thursday.

“WHEN JEWS BURN WOOD AND GARBAGE ON EBERY CORNER, ITS OK TO POLLUTE THE SURROUNDINGS,” Ubiles had written in the rambling post, which mostly contained denials that he had committed the crime.

But when police pressed him about that line in the post, Ubiles admitted to burning the mezuzahs in retaliation for what he saw as a disruption in the neighborhood, sources said.

The post has since been deleted, along with his Facebook profile.

Ubiles was also hit  with non hate-crime charges of reckless endangerment, arson and criminal mischief.

At the apartment Ubiles shared with his grandmother, a relative said Friday that he was “still very upset about everything.”

“I’ll let the law handle everything,” the relative said before shutting the door.

Ubiles – who has been arrested about 50 times, most recently for stabbing his girlfriend’s foot – had been taken into custody Wednesday morning and brought to Brooklyn’s 81st Precinct stationhouse in Bedford-Stuyvesant, where he was questioned about the burned religious objects.

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    arrested about 50 times and they still have him live with them? his family is probably cut from the same piece of cloth.


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