Michael Savage Returns to Talk Radio Oct. 23


michael-savageConservative talk show host Michael Savage’s popular radio program “The Savage Nation” is going back on the air on a new network.

Beginning on Tuesday, Oct. 23, Savage’s show will air on Cumulus Media Networks, with more than 525 stations in 110 markets reaching 121 million listeners.

“The Savage Nation” will air live across the country Monday through Friday from 9 p.m. to midnight Eastern time, delivering his “incisive thoughts on politics, American culture, and traditional values,” Cumulus stated. “His famous ‘news, views and reviews’ will continue to inform and entertain millions of loyal and new listeners on powerhouse Cumulus stations.”

Savage’s talk show left his previous network in September after he won a legal battle with his longtime employer that freed him to work with any station or network.

While it was on the air, “The Savage Nation” was the third most listened to radio talk show in the nation with more than 10 million weekly listeners. In 2012 it became the No. 1 talk show on the Internet.

“Cumulus and Savage will make radio history,” Savage declared.

“The turbulent times we live in give talk radio a new power. This is the biggest move of my radio career and I look forward to reaching many millions of new listeners on their flamethrower signals.”

John Dickey, co-chief operating officer of Cumulus, said: “As we aggressively create radio’s most compelling mix of show hosts, the addition of Michael Savage is a milestone in our determined efforts to provide our listeners nationwide with the best programming in the business.”

Cumulus Media Networks this year has announced new shows with hosts Mike Huckabee, Geraldo River, and Perez Hilton.

Savage is the author of 28 books, including six New York Times bestsellers. He was awarded the coveted Freedom of Speech Award by Talkers magazine.

Jime Meyers – Newsmax

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  1. Don’t you think we’d be better off listening to a shiur or learning a blatt gemorah? Why would someone waste 3 hours listening to devarim beteilim?

  2. The way i found out that he’s a Yid (weiner) He posted a picture of his mother when she passed away standing in her kitchen with a picture of the Kosel in the background

  3. I listen to a lot of talk radio and to be honest I could not stand to listen to him. He rants and raves about everything to the point that it is boring!! I started searching for other stations just not to listen to him. I just do not understand why so many people listen to him!

  4. #4 – for the same reason you waste your time viewing this story (which is devarim betailim) and commenting on it – to relax

  5. When I first heard Savage on the radio, I didn’t like his style. I felt he had ‘bad middos’. But that was style. In terms of substance this guy has it. He is informed, thought provoking, and has a unique point of view. I have missed him and am eagerly looking forward to his return to talk radio.

  6. who cares??? can someone PLEASE explain to me why so many “bnei torah” consider this SECULAR individual, who does NOT have hashkafas hatorah , to be a daas torah?????

  7. What station in the New York area can we hear him on???
    He’s the GREATEST!!! talk show host to ever grace the airwaves.
    Honest and unafraid to tell the truth


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