Michigan Certifies Trump as Winner

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The Michigan Board of State Canvassers on Monday certified that Donald Trump won the state in the 2016 general election, defeating Hillary Clinton by 10,704 votes. According to the final count, Trump’s 2,279,543 votes beat out Clinton’s 2,268,839, with Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson placing third with 172,136 votes, and Green Party pick Jill Stein in fourth with 51,463.

Stein has been awaiting Michigan’s vote-count certification to officially file for a recount there, along with Wisconsin and Pennsylvania—accounting for the three predominantly working-class states that are believed to have handed the election to Trump. The 10.7-thousand vote margin makes 2016 the closest presidential election in Michigan in more than 75 years. Read more at MICHIGAN.GOV.



  1. The Chutzpah of Jill Stein is absolutely mind boggling the 51,463 votes that she took away from Clinton costed Clinton the state because Trump only won by 10,704 votes. She costed Clinton the election and now that Trump won she wants a recount!!!


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