Michigan Dem to Become First Palestinian-American U.S. Congresswoman


Former Michigan state legislator Rashida Tlaib is set to become one of the first Muslim women in Congress after she won the Democratic primary for a U.S. House seat in the state’s 13th Congressional District. As the nominee in a district that has historically voted Democratic―and with no Republican challengers―Tlaib is all but guaranteed a seat in Congress in November’s general-election vote. She could be joined in the historic feat by one or more other female Muslim candidates who are also running in 2018. Tlaib will also become first Palestinian-American U.S. congresswoman. “People think it’s corny—I do want to change the world, and I want people like me to have a seat at the table,” the daughter of Palestinian immigrants told the HuffPost before the election. Tlaib is running on a progressive platform, including support of Medicare for All and a $15 per hour minimum wage.

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  1. Simple worry. She wants my republican state and my jewish state as well. Has not often happened. I do not have a problem with her election. See her politics. I wonder what will be so interesting in this world. A palestinian woman in office in the USA.

    Its ok. They are better off living anywhere else than the jewish homeland. Good health to her if she is diplomatic.



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