Microsoft Edits Black Man Out of Photo, Apologizes


black-man-smallSoftware giant Microsoft Corp. is apologizing for altering a photo on its Web site to change the race of one of the people shown in the picture.

A photo on the Seattle-based company’s U.S. Web site shows two men, one Asian and one black, and a white woman seated at a conference room table. But on the Web site of Microsoft’s Polish business unit, the black man’s head has been replaced with that of a white man. The color of his hand remains unchanged.

The photo editing sparked criticism online. Some bloggers said Poland’s ethnic homogeneity may have played a role in changing the photo.

black-man“We are looking into the details of this situation,” Microsoft spokesperson Lou Gellos said in a statement Tuesday. “We apologize and are in the process of pulling down the image.”

{FoxNews/ Newscenter}


  1. Why apologize? This is the newest trend in digital photography.
    Not happy with your lot, add some people to your chasunah photos, or change the meesader kidushim as the years develop.


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