Military Official: We Are Nearing War With Gaza


A senior Israeli military official said Thursday that the army is “nearing war with Gaza” and would evacuate Israelis living in communities adjacent to the border if necessary, following a major conflagration that saw over 180 rockets fired at southern Israel.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) were mobilizing additional troops and aerial defense batteries in the region on Thursday in anticipation of a prolonged escalation that carried with it the threat of a full-blown war.

“We don’t see the end of the escalation. We are closing in on operation in Gaza,” the senior IDF official told Israeli media outlets, speaking on condition of anonymity. “We have more capabilities in our arsenal,” he warned. “We are ready to continue attacking, attacking and attacking. Our strikes deeply affect Hamas, it would be better off returning to the understandings reached after Operation Protective Edge,” he said, referencing the last war fought between the sides in 2014.

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  1. “Our attacks deeply affect Hamas”

    Huh?! Is this guy sane?!
    With stupid worthless propaganda lies like that, it’s no wonder Hamas keeps sending rockets into the feckless Israel. This guy makes Baghdad Bob look like an eirliche mensch. Bibi and his ilk are the toughest talking guys in the world. Just their words alone, have the terrorists cowering in fear. Secular Israel is at its weakest point in history. As someone commented in a previous article, gone are the days of the 50’s 60’s & 70’s when Israel had some backbone and really cared about every citizen of its country regardless of where they lived. Now, 40-50 years later, lack of term limits has destroyed any hope of a better future for the average Israeli. These corrupt entrenched politicians have completely lost the faith of the Nation. Thank g-d I don’t live in that sick country.

  2. Israel’s “War with Gaza” is a first class joke. Israel asks them to evacuate the buildings and then destroy empty buildings. Ha-Ha-Ha!
    Israel’s motto: We do not want to win!

  3. Mr. Daber harbeh vi’asey miaa,

    Hashem decides when there is war and when there is quite! The words of the ‘kochi voitzem yadi’ Israeli’s mean nothing.
    All we can do is teshuva and tefilla while having in mind that the toeva parade behaimas do teshuva and the koifer beikur anti shabbos judges do teshuva and that the bagatz together with the gilgulei zera amaliek drop dead!

  4. Daber harbeh vi’asey miaat, YOU don’t live there but many Yidden do!
    Zoll der Aibershter Uphitten!
    It’s a difficult and dangerous situation! A war in Gaza חס ושלום is very dangerous for the military and for the people!


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