Millions Set To Hit The Roads, Skies For Thanksgiving


trafficWhether you’re driving, riding or flying, the day before Thanksgiving is considered one of the busiest travel days of the year.

But your decision on where to spend the holiday may not be about who has the best feast. For many, it’s about how much it costs to get there.

AAA forecasts that 43.6 million people will traveler for Thanksgiving nationwide – an uptick of less than one percent over last year with more than 90 percent getting to their destinations by car.

“With auto travel, it’s always a preferred mode of travel,” said AAA New York spokesman Robert Sinclair. “It gives people the freedom to go where they want, when they want.”

But even though more Americans will be traveling for the holiday, many will be spending less to get to their destinations. The average spending on Thanksgiving trips is expected to drop $56 from last year.

“I’m planning on taking public transportation,” said Long Island resident Dana Polonksy. “I’m taking the train home.”

The average distance is down too by about 16 percent as well as the number of air passengers to just over 3.9 million.

“Air travel is down despite the fact that the average air fare is down 11 percent compared to last year,” Sinclair said.

AAA says the busiest days will be Wednesday, Sunday and Monday.

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