Miracle at Camp Kesser: Truck Rolls Down Hill, No One Hurt


pickup-truckIn an amazing incident of Hashgacha, no one was hurt yesterday when a truck rolled down a hill at Camp Kesser, which is located on Knickerbocker Road and Debruce Road in Livingston Manor. A worker at the camp, which is occupied by the bochurim of Mesivta Keser Torah of Belmar, had been in his pickup truck, with his foot on the brake, when he apparently fell out of the vehicle. The vehicle began to roll down a hill, picking up speed as it went past areas where bochurim had just been standing a minute before.

“Even if we had been standing there and actually seen the truck moving,” one bochur there told Matzav.com, “it could very well be that no one would have even moved right away, thinking that the truck was driven by the worker.” It wasn’t immediately clear to all those watching, said the talmid, that the truck was empty as it made its descent.

The truck eventually struck a pole and came to a halt, with onlookers standing and watching, their mouths agape.

“It is one of those moments when you just point to the Yad Hashem. What could have easily resulted in an awful tragedy is now simply a memory, boruch Hashem,” said a second bochur.

The rosh yeshiva of Mesivta Keser Torah of Belmar, Harav Dovid Heinemann, was not on-site at the time of the incident, as he is currently in Eretz Yisroel to attend the bris of a grandson.

{Dovid Bernstein-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Maybe the “Political Scientist” can run some statistics and graphs on how often do people fall out of vehicles and roll down hills towards a crowd, and everyone walk away unharmed.

    “Political Scientist” who runs the world? Hashem or some silly graphs and statistics?

  2. Enough! Its desperate and pathetic that Mrs. Chicago has to revisit the topic. Political is right. And YOU are part of the problem. Speak to someone who at least knows SOME Hashkafa before you post again. enough of that topic.


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