Missionaries In Beit Shemesh And Modi’in


Yad L’achim reports that some weeks ago, it warned that a missionary campaign manned by a group from overseas was about to begin. A few days later, people noticed missionaries with posters standing at intersections and bridges of main traffic arteries. Yad L’Achim activists warned people to ignore the propaganda.

Missionaries focused on the towns of Beit Shemesh and Modi’in. People in a number of Modi’in neighborhoods were surprised to discover balloons tied to cars during the night with messianic messages and phone numbers. Enraged residents went from vehicle to vehicle and punctured the balloons.

In Beit Shemesh, missionaries went from door to door with pamphlets disguised as Torah literature. Every day for weeks, Yad L’Achim’s phones were flooded with calls from people pinpointing missionary activities in real time so that Yad L’Achim could fight them immediately.

According to Yad L’Achim, over a hundred missionary congregations operate in Israel. Every sizeable town has a missionary congregation with programs and activities aimed at luring Jews. Their annual budget is in the millions of dollars and they are often funded from foreign sources. Under the guise of assisting the public, they open community centers and even drug-treatment facilities to advance their cause. The missionaries use kibbutzim, convention centers, youth hostels, coffee houses, publishing houses and more to spread their poisonous message.

David Steger – Matzav.com Israel



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