Missionary Material Distributed in Bnei Brak Mailboxes


bnei-brakAskonim have been  inundated with complaints from outraged Bnei Brak residents over missionary brochures that are appearing in their mailboxes. The brochures, titled “Forbidden – What the Rabbis Don’t Want You to Know,” incite against rabbonim and gedolei Yisrael.

One caller to Yad L’Achim’s hotline expressed his anguish at the fact that his young son had brought such material into their home after picking it out of their mailbox. “I felt it was a violation of the sanctity of our home,” he said. “How could the postal system deliver such poison?”

Callers were told to immediately destroy the brochure. At the same time, askonim distributed a brochure throughout Bnei Brak warning the public not to peruse the destructive material, but to destroy it immediately.

The Yad L’Achim brochure, titled “Shemad in Bnei Brak,” warns: “In many neighborhoods in our city, missionary material has been distributed in mail boxes by the ‘Messianic Jews’ group. Their brochure is a trap! Their real goal is to convert Jews to Christianity. If this missionary material reaches your hands, destroy it immediately!”
Yad L’Achim officials said this week that the missionaries have once again shown that their gall knows no limits, when they can dare to target Bnei Brak for their aggressive campaign of missionary shemad. The goal is clear: To infiltrate the homes of residents of the city of Torah and Chassidus.”

Askonim emphasized that they will continue to stand guard, using all legitimate means to prevent the missionaries from gaining a foothold, not just in Bnei Brak but anywhere in Israel.

“This is another example of the urgent need for meaningful legislation against the activities of missionaries in Israel,” officials said.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. Missionaries of today are not the same like before.

    They learn our books, sing our songs, they will make you believe that they are Jewish. Some have beards and peyes talk about Rabbi Nachman or Chabad some even speak yiddish (GRRR). I deal with them in Latin America and they are master in deception. Many are coming to convert not revealing their real believes other lie and claim to be of Jewish descend. Im not afraid of them because we have the truth..that is why they seek us so much and want to imitate our ways. It is hard for a goy to let go….his idol man god.

  2. I find this news very interesting from Yad L’Achim and disturbing at the same time. It is news to me to hear that missionaries are targeting charedi people. This reveals a disturbing reality. The missionaries would not waste their money for naught. It must be that if they target the charedi tzibbur with missionary material, it is only because they have had previous success ch”v. Kol hakavod for Yad L’Achim in putting out a counter-brochure and making people aware of the problem, yet i shudder to think of who was influenced already.

  3. if they were targeting non religious people we probally wouldn”t even hear about it;most likely the person would pick it up read it and partly believe it. This is just indicitive of how much missionary material is going around.

  4. its nothing new sadly and converting a charedi is a biiiig accomplishment to them. A great problem is that people believe they can debate the missionaries. You cannot and you should not debate with them. They are trained to say things that cause you to question things – regardless of your emunah!


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