MK Litzman: Lapid To Care For Chareidim Like Tibi For Settlements


litzman-smallMK Yaakov Litzman of Yahadut Hatorah said during his speech at the Knesset today, “I heard Lapid, the intended minister, say today in a dramatic appeal to the charedi public, ‘Don’t worry. We will take care of you.’ ┬áThis is the same Lapid who carried out government-funded incitement on television for years against the charedi public…”

Litzman continued: “The same Lapid suddenly cares for the charedi public. I want to tell you, for instance, imagine if a government rises and MK Ahmad Tibi (United Arab List-Ta’al) says, ‘I will care for the settlements.'”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. He made a very valid point.

    Which one of the above comments at him have any basis, or logic within them?

    Lapid spent his life inciting against the Chareidim L’dvar Hashem.
    Lapid is a skilled liar. It’s important for all to be aware.


    The end of Lapid will be like his dad, as well as Sharon. Those religious who put their faith in them in 02-03, ended up with with the Gaza expulsion.

    We can expect no less here.

    Obama is on the way, and he’s not even speaking to the Knesset. First time an American president is snubbing the knesset.

    He will speak to college students. But he chose to exclude students from Ariel. Sounds like a good clue what his speech will be about!

  2. #4, #7 I agree.
    MK Gafni tearing up papers on the Knesset podium reminds one of this Russian dictator banging on the UN podium with his shoe.

  3. Rabbi Litzman,
    You are so right, but that is exactly what we need: to show the new generation that is not (yet) familiar with the antisemitic practices of the Tzioinim today and in history, to show its real face!! Their downfall has begun already long ago and this will be the Makke BePatish.
    A Freilichen and Kosheren Pesach.

  4. Matzav,

    You are worse than Pravda. You are a narrow minded , distorted propaganda outfit.For a website that complains about the Times and anti-religious bias this is quite ironic. Maybe there is more truth in the NY Times then on this website.


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