Moetzes Urges Exit from Coalition If Bill On Chareidi Draft Passes


The Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah of Agudas Yisroel has told Yahadut Hatorah MKs to leave the government coalition if a bill proposing to formalize limited chareidi enlistment in the IDF passes in the Knesset.

As a result of this decision by the Moetzes, the danger of early elections is on the table.

The chassidishe Moetzes instructed the four chassidishe MKs of the party’s six MKs to work to change the currently proposed bill and quit the coalition if it is passed without their approval.

The main objection to the proposal is reportedly related to a cut in funds for yeshivos and applying pressure on yeshivos to get its talmidim to join the army by providing financial benefits.

{ Israel News}


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