Monitor Overrules Lakewood School Board, Approves $151M Budget


lakewood-school-boardLakewood, NJ – On the job for just two weeks, state monitor Michael Azzara flexed his muscle at Tuesday’s Board of Education meeting, overruling the school board and approving the new $151 million school budget on his own.

The dramatic turn of events happened after a three-hour school board meeting, where school officials discussed changes to the proposed 2014-15 school budget. One of the changes included reinstating courtesy busing for public and private school students in kindergarten through third grade.

To read more about spending in the Lakewood schools, see Cheated: Why Lakewood public schools have failed and what we can do to fix them

The vote to reject the budget was five no, two yes and one abstention. In explaining his “no” vote, board member Chaim Rosenblatt said he could not vote for next year’s budget because it was too similar to this year’s, which he said failed the district. Board members would not explain their vote after the meeting. Read more at the Asbury Park Press.

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