Monsey: Boys Cheder Seeking Menahel


Cheder Chabad of Monsey is seeking a Menahel for its Boys Division with a current enrollment of 175 children.

Monsey has become one of the fastest growing young Chabad communities in North America. Enrollment for Cheder is expected to continue to increase significantly over the coming years.

The Cheder seeks an experienced and talented educator who can be a key part of transforming the Cheder into one that operates at the highest level of excellence.

Key Benefits:

  • Generous compensation package
  • Strong support of a healthy board, numerous philanthropists, and parent body
  • Live in a vibrant Jewish community with every Jewish and kosher amenity
  • Shape the future of thousands of precious children
  • Enormous growth potential as a leader in the community
  • Develop a school that can be modeled around the world



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