More Protests Against Arrest of Chareidim for Ignoring IDF Summonses


protest-draftYerushalayim – A crowd of protestors gathered last night on Rechov Sderot Eshkol in Yerushalayim Ihr Hakodesh to speak out against efforts by police to arrest a chareidi who ignored a summons from the IDF regarding enlistment.

The protest, where at least six people were arrested by police and streets at the city’s entrance were blocked off as mayhem ensured, was the latest in the ongoing battle regarding the drafting of chareidim.

Two other protests took place simultaneously in Ashdod and Bnei Brak.

The protests followed Thursday’s large protest in Kikar Shabbos, which caused massive tie-ups as police used water cannons to disperse the crowds and officers showed up on horseback to battle unarmed chareidim as garbage dumpsters were lit on fire around the neighborhood.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Boatloads of our people are not a sacrifice to the age of their own thrill seeking experimentation. And if you ask the future who was right, wait until Yosef and Yossi are ready for business in a three piece suit that has a good enigma of the IDF on its lapel. The IDF is not our lost ratification of jewish envy. We are here to shape world events as well as keep our pace at the bimah. And when you lose your grace in the jeopardy of your own revolution, you lose your revolution in the jeopardy of your lost grace.

    Good luck is more than a disheveled future.


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