More Than 30 Homes, Cars in San Antonio Jewish Community Daubed With Anti-Semitic Graffiti


More than 30  homes and vehicles were tagged with antisemitic graffiti in San Antonio. Photo: Twitter.Police in San Antonio, Texas are investigating an extensive case of antisemitic vandalism in which graffiti was found spray-painted on more than 30 homes and vehicles in a predominately Jewish community, the San Antonio Express-News reported.

Members of the area’s Rodfei Sholom Congregation discovered the vandalism on Wednesday in the area around the synagogue after they finished morning prayers. The graffiti included images of swastikas, “KKK” lettering and other hateful slurs.

One vehicle had the word “Jew” spray-painted on it and a large rock thrown through the driver-side window.

“(We are) outraged that in this day and age there are people who still live in their own minds and own worlds where it seems to be okay to hate people based on their religion,” said Howard Feinberg, a board member at the congregation.

According to Feinberg, community members are working to remove the hateful graffiti and are already looking to the future.

“We are cleaning up and moving on,” he said.

So far, Police haven’t announced any arrests in connection to the crime.

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  1. Murder backed hate.

    San Antonio is one of the finest cities in the USA.

    Worth a good trip if you ever get so lucky.

    The heavens are filled with names of the holy.

    Remember the Alamo.

    A holocaust should have never been ever entertained again.

    I wish to go back.


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