More Than 400 People In Nationwide Health Care Fraud Takedown


Federal authorities charged more than 400 people in what Attorney General Jeff Sessions called the largest health care fraud takedown operation in U.S. history.

The attorney general said that suspects accounted for more than $1.3 billion in fraudulent transactions, and at least 120 suspects were involved in opioid-related crimes, making it also the largest-ever opioid-related fraud takedown.

Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe said the operation involved 29 bureau field offices around the country and more than 300 agents. Read more at USA TODAY.




  1. I did nothing wrong. People are in pain and they need to have relief. The government is not a doctor I am the doctor I know what people need sometimes I need a little bit more to get them over the hump. Leave me alone I’m just doing my job I’m a good doctor in regardless of what anyone says.

    • Fix the problem. Don’t just throw more & more & stronger drugs at the patient. At a certain point you will be responsible for your patients demise. Be a doctor not a drug dealer/dispenser.


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