Mortar Shell From Syria Wounds One in Golan


golan-mortarA 52-year-old man was lightly wounded this evening when a mortar round from an unknown source struck near a town in the Golan Heights. He was evacuated to te hospital with a cut on his neck. A source tells that the injured man is a mashgiach at a winery in the Golan. Ynet reported that the IDF had already responded with artillery fire at Syria earlier today, after an IDF officer who was in an IDF outpost adjacent to the Quneitra crossing was hit by a Syrian bullet.

The event came as Syrian rebels led by al-Qaeda affiliated groups retook control of the coveted border crossing from forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad. Earlier, two mortars fired from Syria hit the Israeli Golan Heights Wednesday, causing damage to two vehicles. The IDF said it targeted two Syrian army positions and “hits were confirmed.” It gave no further details.

The officer is in moderate condition after sustaining a stray bullet to the chest. The incidents came amid massive fighting in the Quneitra crossing, prompting Israeli officials to warn local famers to leave the area. The crossing is monitored by the United Nations, which oversees traffic between the two enemy countries but the distance between the two warring adversaries’ posts is some 200 yards.

{ Israel}


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