Most US Jews Believe In God

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The vast majority of American Jews believe in the existence God.

A survey by the Pew Research Center, conducted last December and released Wednesday, showed that 89 percent of American Jews believe in Hashem, compared to 99% of Christians, 72% of unaffiliated people, and 90% of Americans overall.

But only 33% of Jews believe in a biblical God, compared to 80% of Christians. A majority of Jews believe in “some other higher power of spiritual force in the universe,” according to the study. Ten percent of Jews do not believe in God at all.


Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. How tragic. When I read the headline I was encouraged, but then read the article. That means that Jews are below the typical american, well so with regard to a biblical God. In their defense, for Jews belief in God comes with obligations and they are therefore swayed to deny His existence as opposed to they typical American secular minded person

  2. Why bother printing such a misleading article? What do they mean they believe in God? How is their belief manifested? That a God exists? At what level do they believe in God? Until something “bad” happens, then they throw that God under the bus?

  3. This survey is a joke!
    They only surveyed 155 Jews!

    “There was a large margin of error for the Jewish sample of the survey: 12.9%, as only 155 Jews were surveyed.” -Times of Israel

  4. 89% believe in G-d yet about 65% defend their pork rights like it is Masada itself and worse.

    Scary, but I can attest that only the chassid who studies may keep our commandments. More important than a check off sheet that Hashem exists. We are called to Torah.

    Sad still. Kiruv only.

  5. This article makes absolutely no sense. How can you say “most US Jews” when only 155 “Jews” were interviewed including 1/2 Jews/goyim, reform, conservative and who knows who?

  6. They believe in a man made g-d. That is the reform,conservative and secular heretics. Their Judaism is gay marriage rights,abortions on demand rights and of course the teaching of evolution. This is their man made religion but they call it Judaism. There are about 700 thousand religious Jews in America and growing fast. The other almost five million are sinking faster than quicksand through intermarriage and assimilation. The same is in Israel. Six million Jews but only one million are orthodox. France is also a majority of it’s almost half million Jews are secular. England and Australia as well have a majority of secular Jews. In the entire world there exist about two million authentic religious Jews out of 14 million Jews.

  7. For Jews it’s harder to believe in their Biblical God, because it’s very hard for them to accept the notion of a Creator of all beings to Choose a small minority of the human race to be his only “children”.


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