Mother of Girl Injured by Stone Throwing Responds to Ha’aretz: “Come to the Intensive Care Unit, and See My Adele”


adelle-bittonThe mother of a little girl fighting for her life in an Israeli hospital has responded to an editorial in the Israeli paper Ha’aretz that encouraged the continued stone-throwing by Palestinian Arabs as a form of resistance.

Adva Biton, whose  three-year-old daughter Adele was critically injured after the car her and her mother and two siblings were riding in was struck by a stone wrote, “Amira, come to the intensive care unit, and see my Adele, a three-year-old girl, attached to tubes.” Biton was addressing Ha’aretz correspondent Amira Hass, who published an article Wednesday in which she urged Palestinian Arab authorities to teach forms of resistance in schools and condoned stone-throwing, saying: “Throwing stones is the birthright and duty of anyone subject to foreign rule.”

“A rock kills. A rock is a deadly weapon in every way,” Biton writes.

“I believe in the value of life,” she continues, adding,”the paramedic who first reached our car, who saw us crushed under the truck, is a young Arab man. He came and started his sacred work. He didn’t utter lofty, hollow words like yours, words that kill. He simply saved lives.”

“I agree with you, Amira, that everyone is entitled to his or her freedom. Arab and Jew. I agree with you that we must all strive for liberty, but there is no one in the world who will achieve freedom and liberty by deadly weapons.”

On Wednesday Yesha (West Bank) Council head Avi Ro’eh and Chairman Ron Shachner sent a letter to Jerusalem Police accusing Ha’aretz of incitement to violence.


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  1. Prayers for little Adele.

    Throwing rocks at people is not a harmless activity. All acts of violence in the Holy Land must be rejected. An interesting question for all to consider…

    How many children have been abused in the Holy Land, Middle East and Planet Earth since 1948 ?

    The true answer may shock many people.

    Shabbat Shalom !

  2. Oh! I thought our nationalist friends believed that they achieve freedom and liberty thanks to the use of deadly force and deterrence, if necessary also towards the enemy’s children, and mock us for not wanting anything to do with it. In fact some of them actually claim that if it weren’t for the Medinat and IDF, world Jewry would basically cease to exist (LOL).

    I wish a refuah shleimah to Adele bas Adva.

  3. Rotzchim. If they have such great love and sympathy for their Palestinian brethren, maybe they would like to rot next to them in Gehennom.

  4. When we have such letters written by our own people its a lesson for us to make sure there ISN’T such a distance between us and them and be mekarev them.


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