Mother Of Kidnapped Boy: I Believe They’ll Return, But If Not, Remain Strong

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naftali-frankelThe families of Eyal Yifrach, Gilad Shaer and Naftali Frankel, who were kidnapped in the West Bank a week ago, held a prayer vigil at the Kosel and then met with President Peres who reiterated that “security forces will do everything to bring the boys home.”

“I wholeheartedly believe the boys will return, but if not, remain strong,” Rachel Frenkel, mother of Naftali Frenkel said today to a group of well-wishers who congregated with the family at the Kotel for a prayer service for the missing boys.

“God does not work for us,” she said when asked about the prayer service, “but I do believe they will return.”

She further told the large crowd of supportive youths that “don’t break down if something else happens, OK? Stay together, stay strong. I believe they will return quickly.”

Peres embraced the families and heard from them about their sons and experiences over the past days.

“I asked to meet you because this is a national event, the whole nation is united and standing by your side and praying with you for the safe return of your boys.

“The security forces are working day and night in every street and alley of Chevron and leaving no stone unturned in the effort to find your boys,” Peres said.

The IDF has conducted an unprecedented manhunt operation – dubbed Operation Brother’s Keeper – in the West Bank since the three went missing. Thursday saw tensions in violence grow, as Palestinians in the Jenin area threw rock and fire bombs at forces. An estimated 30 Palestinians were arrested by security forces Thursday, bringing the total to 280 since the kidnapping.

Peres vowed to bring up the issue in his visit to the US next week, during which time he is expected to meet with US President Barack Obama and congressional leaders, and promised to “raise the cry of the people of Israel against terrorism… We must continue to pressure the terrorists to remove their sources of funding. Just as there were sanctions against Iran we must raise the sanctions against any source of terror. They must be brought to justice.

President Peres addressed world’s reaction to the event and said, “The leaders of the world must make their voices heard loud and clear, they must take a strong stance against terror. Terror is a global problem, not just an Israeli one – we must recruit the world.”

Ofir Shaer, the father of Gilad, thanked the president for his involvement, and said “Your invitation is another example of the genuine support we have felt over the past days from all directions, with no distinction between religion, politics or sector.

“Your words strengthen us as we stand strong and united in this difficult time that our families find themselves in.

“The people of Israel are with us. The Jews of the world are with us. We expect the whole world to act to free our boys. We ask of you all to do more and to your positive thoughts, to increase your prayers alongside the actions of the security services who are working night and day to bring back Naftali, Eyal and Gilad home safely as soon as possible.”




  1. Why does Matzav use the term “West Bank”, as a frum website (and as a historically accurate website” shouldnt we use the term Judea and Samaria aka Yehuda V’Shomron?

  2. Right now, I think that we can be assured that G-d is going to help Israel is all of its needs in the future, but hate is always a true insipid event of poverty and lost voice. This palestinian struggle is the enemy against human tolerance. They are frauds of poverty and godless anti-semitism and they have no place in any conditioned response of human achievement.

    Overall, I can only keep hoping and davening for better years but I am assured that G-d is True and that means our future is not always a stay of lost voice against human aggression.

    The world can hurt the future of many of our children but Israel will always continue its true mission to bring humanity to the human people.

    Too bad that the pagan palestinians do not have a god. Ultimately, they have no soul either.

    The would be soul of a “palestinian” is a garbage truck with an itinerary of hate versus its own disposition.

    To take a child from his home for political posturing is a hateful arab convection of death before human attainment.

    This is a terrible day for many, but our honor as Jews will never be reduced to poverty before the edge of a pagan sword of bad conduct.

    Keep the sanity in the eye of normalcy!

    Never Again.

  3. “G-d does not work for us” means that we have to do our part: Torah, mitzvos, tefilla, chesed and He does what He knows is best. Best does not always mean pain free but it is pure unadulterated perfect GOODNESS.


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