Mother Remains Under House Arrest, Askanim Inform Of New Hebrew Site To Spread The Truth About The Case

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chaimkeh-smallYerushalayim Magistrate’s Court Judge Shulamit Dotan has placed Yenti, the Meah Shearim mother accused of starving her son, Chaimkeh, under house arrest and has ruled that she can see her other children. At the same time, askanim, led by the indefatigable Rebbetzin Yocheved Grossman, have created a website containing accurate information about the case, as well as photos of the family and other pertinent information that one will not find in the secular media coverage of this story. The askanim told that despite the high profile nature of the case, they are working with very limited funds and resources, but are determined to ensure that Yenti receives fair treatment by the Israeli courts and accurate portrayal by the media. is the first to share this site with the public; the website can be viewed by clicking here.

Judge Dotan has decided, for now, to reject Dr. Yaakov Weil’s evaluation that the mother is 100% fine. This move has been greeted with great disappointment by the chareidi community.


Dotan has also said that the mother may not see Chaimkeh, who is currently hospitalized, until the end of her remand on August 5. has learned, through discussion with members of Toldos Aharon, the kehillah to which the mother belongs, that the mother is heartbroken; she wants to be with her son. The family has still not come to terms with all that has happened over the past few weeks.  

The judge has ruled, as askanim had wanted, that Chaimkeh may be transferred from Hadassah Ein Kerem to another hospital.

The judge criticized the police, saying they “should have carried out a thorough and comprehensive investigation…” She added, “It seems to me, from reading the material, that what was done in the matter was very superficial and does not constitute a sufficient basis to order her detainment for the duration of the investigation.

“A statement here and a statement there, in a general and meaningless way without things being clarified and backed with other evidence that should be found in the relevant places is insufficient at the point where the defendant was already subject to a prolonged arrest and released under limited conditions some eight days ago.”

The Yerushalayim district psychiatrist said that while he agreed with Dr. Weil’s conclusion that the mother absolutely does not suffer from Münchausen Syndrome by proxy, he did not share Dr. Weil’s determination that the mother is 100% healthy.

Chaimkeh is expected to be transferred after a hearing on Sunday, or he will be discharged to the home of other relatives.

Until now, the mother has been at the Geulah home of Rabbi Avrohom Freilich.

{Yair Israel}


  1. Shkoiach to Matzav for linking to the website. Rahchamis, nechama, and netzach to the mama and a refuah shlaimah b’korov to Chaimkeh ben Shulamis


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