Moving Toward Safer Streets, Greenfield Announces 21st Avenue Speed Bumps


Brooklyn—Councilman David G. Greenfield is happy to announce that new speed bumps are coming to 21st Avenue between 53rd Street and 57th Street in Boro Park.

The New York City Department of Transportation is installing the bumps in order to increase safety in the neighborhood, particularly at 53rd Street, where 21st Avenue abruptly turns into Dahill Road and 57th Street which is a popular pick up stop for school buses and yeshiva children.

Greenfield’s office has received concerned calls about this intersection for years. Specifically, people driving north on 21st Avenue, heading from 57th Street. That is where Washington Cemetery starts, and lots of drivers start speeding up, thinking that there’s not much traffic going to the cemetery. The problem is that 21st Avenue abruptly ends at 53rd Street, and cars have to either turn or suffer a collision, making this one of the most dangerous intersections in the neighborhood.

“What really worries me is the number of schools in the area and yeshiva children getting dropped off and picked up along 21st Avenue,” Greenfield said. “Right now, many drivers speed because it’s a cemetery. That’s dangerous. Our city needs to take every precaution possible to keep our kids safe.”

Greenfield went on to thank the New York City Department of Transportation and Brooklyn Borough Commissioner Keith Bray for listening to his constituents’ concerns.

The new speed bumps are set to be installed by the end of the Summer.



    • Councilman Greenfield should rather be worried about easing congestion in Borough Park.It takes more time to get to 55th st from the lower numbers,than from Williamsburg.All avenues are congested due to negligence of our leaders.They shouldn’t allow left turns during rush hours on 15,16,17 ,18 Avenues.Their actions only increase traffic incidence because drivers get frustrated from lack of smart traffic regulations to enhance traffic flow.

  1. Traffic is terrible in Borough Park they are further stalling traffic.Why, going through Ocean Parkway we have to stop at every light instead of synchronizing the lights to reduce traffic congestion?There shouldn’t allow left turns on the major Avenues during rush hours to reduce blocks of backups? Handing out traffic tickets they are very efficient at.


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