MP Murder Suspect: ‘Death to Traitors’


Thomas Mair, the man accused of murdering British MP Jo Cox last Thursday, appeared in court yesterday to face charges. Asked to provide his name, he identified himself only as “Death to traitors, freedom for Britain.”

He refused to cooperate in providing his date of birth and address for the court. Mair, 52, faces charges of murder, grievous bodily harm, possession of a firearm with intent to commit an indictable offense and possession of an offensive weapon.

Police are currently investigating Mair’s motive for the killing, with a focus on his links to neo-Nazi groups and mental health. The crime sent shockwaves through the country ahead of the referendum on whether or not to stay in the European Union, and campaigning for the vote was suspended as a result. Read it more at The Telegraph.



  1. Please D O N O T post pictures of resha’im! He’s a murderer and proud of it. Why do we, your readership, have to see his face and damage our neshamos??? Please refrain from posting this in the future.


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