Mrs. Leah Levi a”h


It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Mrs. Leah Levi a”h. She was 59.

The wife of Reb Shmuel Tzvi Levi, Mrs. Levi, an ishah chashuvah with sterling qualities, worked the assistant to Mrs. Ruth Lichtenstein, publisher of Hamodia and Binah, and director of Project Witness.

She is survived by her husband, her mother, Mrs. Brocha Sheindel Landau; her siblings, Reb Shaul, Reb Leibish and Mrs. Beilu Zisholtz; her children, Reb Leibel, Reb Mordechai, Reb Nosson, Reb Dov, Mrs. Yehudis Rivka Friedman, Mrs. Chana Malka Friedman and Mrs. Pessi Piller; and her grandchildren.

Yehi zichroh boruch.



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