Murderer of Eyal, Gilad and Naftali Hy”D Killed in West Bank Raid


eyal-yifrach-gil-ad-shaer-naftali-frenkelIn a joint operation with the IDF and Israeli SWAT teams, Shin Bet operatives located and killed Amar Abu-Eisha and Marwan Kawasmeh early this morning – two of the suspects involved in the kidnap and murder of Gil-Ad Shaer, Naftali Frenkel, and Eyal Yifrach in June. Hamas confirmed their deaths and praised the two for a lifetime of “sacrifice.”

Elior Levy reports for Ynet that according to the official Shin Bet announcement, security forces arrived at the suspected location in the West Bank in an effort to arrest the two men, when a firefight broke out during which both suspects were killed.

It was also cleared for publication by the Shin Bet that Bashar Kawasmeh, Mahmed Kawasmeh, and Taar Kawasmeh, the sons of the third suspect, Arafat Kawasmeh, who’s already in custody, were arrested overnight.

Hamas’ spokesperson abroad, Hussam Barduan, confirmed the killing, saying “Two members of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, Amar Abu-Eisha and Marwan Kawasmeh, were killed after a long life of sacrifice and giving. This is the way of the resistence and we follow in its wake step after step.”

kawasme-29-and-abu-eishaIDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz also commented on the killing, saying “on the eve of Rosh HaShanh,  Operation Brother’s Keeper, which began on June 13th, has ended. We promised the Shaer, Frenkel and Yifrach families we would get the murders of their sons, and this morning we did it.”

The Shin Bet has spent months searching for Kawasme (29) and Abu-Eisha (32), terrorists from the Chevron area, after they were named as the killers of the three teens, who were grabbed and shot dead near a settlement on June 12. Read more at Ynet.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. B”H these 2 worthless dogs were eliminated. B”H they can never be “released” in any “prisoner swap”.
    So the only question remaining is, why did the Israeli’s wait till now to kill them? They knew from day 1. Did Susan Rice threaten them not to kill any “innocent” “bystanders”?

  2. so what are YOU gonna improve in yourself with hashem for the new upcoming year in the z’chus of these 3 special boys we lost?

    will it be a better watch on Loshon hara? will you limit yourself to less time wasted on the internet? or will it be an extra half hour of tehillim etc…?

    think about it & let this improvement be a zchus for yourself to merit having a k’siva v’chasima tova.

  3. what a shame on MATZAV when you have a chance to help klal yisroel do something in the zchus of these 3 special neshamos.

    BUT you still have not printed my post I sent recently

    please post it before its too late & help save klal yisroel & these 3 neshamos we lost


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