Muslim Teen Arrested After Harrassing Jewish Man on NYC Subway


mta-subway[Video below.] Last week, the NYPD arrested a Muslim teenager on suspicion of screaming anti-Semitic epithets at a Jew.

The event occurred on the subway in Brooklyn, New York, when the Muslim yelled to a Jewish man, saying, “They should have killed all of you.”

The Muslim attempted to resist arrest when NYPD officers tried to cuff him. Bedlam followed as passersby crowded around.

Click below for video:

[media id=1640 width=400 height=300]

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. We have a part of our society that should not live among the civilized people and they are wrecking havok on the society they despise, they should be banned to live in a city where they can terrorize innocent civilians,they are worst then a wild beast.

  2. BH we live in a malchus shel chesed where the police take action against such thugs. Otherwise they might very well have been screaming his epitaph.

  3. what a bunch of chayos… and they said it’s b/c they’re blacks….!
    i really have a new respect for NYC policemen! that’s tough!


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