Names of Paris Kosher Supermarket Victims


france-victims-yoav-hattab-philippe-braham-yohan-cohen-and-francois-michel-saadaThe four hostages killed by the terrorists in the Paris HyperCacher supermarket have been identified as: Yoav Hattab, Philippe Braham, Yohan Cohen and François-Michel Saada.

Cohen (22), Braham (40), Saada (60s) and Hattab (21) were shot in the early stages of the seven-hour standoff, which ended when police stormed the shop and killed the hostage taker, a 32-year-old man identified as Amedy Coulibaly.

Hattab is the son of the chief rabbi of Tunis.

Hattab  lived in Tunis and came to France to study at a yeshiva in Marseilles and decided to stay.

Cohen was a resident of Sarcelles, widely known as “Little Jerusalem” for its large Jewish population, and studied at the Lycée ORT high school in the Paris suburb of Villiersle- Bel. Cohen worked in the store.



  1. BDE

    oy vei with a tzitter… can anyone comfort me? I am a mourner now… these 4 special people are my brothers…. my pain for them & their families is endless…. can you be menachaim me & help stop my tears from rolling down my cheeeeks?

    What a terrible tragedy to occur.
    TEARS are rolling down my cheeks as I write this sad message R”L which could have been totally avoided.

    think this is bad? it only gets worse R”L..

    look at the recent children tragedies Niftar over the last few weeks.

    1)Moshe Schreiber-son of Dovid & Rochel of Lakewood-infant unresponsive, apparently from SIDS-December 1 2014-3 months old

    2)Blima Friedman-daughter of Yaakov and Sarah of Boro Park-struck and pinned under a vehicle-December 2 2014-10

    3)Shmuel Langelban,-of the U.S. & living in Yerushalayim with the Shuva Banim Community- killed in a MVA heading from London to Amsterdam-December 10 2014-19

    4)Nosson Druk-a resident of Yerushalayim.with the Shuva Banim Community-killed in a MVA heading from London to Amsterdam December 10 2014-16

    5)Boy from Beit Shemesh-Burned In home fire-December 23 2014-10

    6)Batsheva Esther Wolfson-daughter of Meir & Chava of Lakewood-child hit by car-December 24 2014-2

    7)Boy From Betar Illit R”L Killed In bus Crash during snow storm On Route 375 -January 7 2015-13

    Do YOU remember these very recent tragedies?

    Look at their young ages & the ways they were Niftar. in such a short span of time.

    do YOU think this is coincidence?

    NO MORE SIGNS OF TRAGEDIES NEEDED FROM HASHEM if we all start teshuva NOW we won’t need any more of these tragic wake-up calls from Hashem

    May their neshamos have an Aliya

    Will we ever wake up? is there any hope for us? if we haven’t woken up yet after hundreds of non-stop tragedies R”L occurring will we ever?

    Let me know if YOU are ready to do teshuva together with klal yisroel so this can stop already & mashiach can come Bim’heira


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