NASA Astronaut ‘Fascinated’ By View Of Israel From Outer Space

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Days before Pesach 5776 on the International Space Station, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) astronaut Jeff Williams uploaded a photo of Israel and its neighbors—and shared his feelings with the world.

“We finally have a Sunday (no cargo vehicle this weekend!) with some personal time to take in the view out the window,” Williams wrote on Facebook.

“Every time we pass over, I have been fascinated with this view, considering it contains the vast majority of Biblical history. My father, a high school history teacher, gave me a love and appreciation for history, and I have a special appreciation for that history. ‘Your testimonies are my meditation.’ It is a good day of rest off the planet!” he wrote.

Williams titled the post, “I have been fascinated with this view.”

The photo drew almost 2,000 online comments on Facebook alone. One user wrote, “Such a beautiful picture…looks like you are looking down from Heaven.” Another user commented, “Perfect creation of my Heavenly Father. God bless you.”

Over the past few weeks, Williams has been uploading pictures from other parts of the world, including the Sahara Desert, Istanbul, and the Strait of Gibraltar.

The International Space Station orbits the planet roughly once every 90 minutes.




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