Nasa Has Created The Coldest Ever Spot In Space To Prove A Theory Predicted By Einstein 71 Years Ago About The Way Atoms Behave At Low Temperatures


Nasa has created the coldest spot in the known universe – and it is ten billion times cooler than the depths of space.

A team aboard the International Space Station used a small box loaded with lasers and a vacuum chamber to hyper-freeze atoms in an attempt to better understand how gravity interacts with matter on the tiniest of scales.

They created ultra-cold clouds of atoms known as Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs) in orbit for the first time.

The research aims to prove a unified theory of the fundamental forces of the universe predicted but never proved by Einstein 71 years ago. It could pave the way for improved sensors, quantum computers, and atomic clocks for space navigation.

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    Good science. Neat.



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