Nasrallah: IDF Isn’t Scary, It’s Scared


hezbollah-chief-terrorist-sheikh-hassan-nasrallahHamas’ Secretary-General, arch terrorist Hassan Nasrallah of Hezbollah, isn’t scared of Israel.

The jihadist said this evening that the Israel Defense Forces don’t scare the Lebanese Shi’ite terrorist group but are actually frightened of it.

Speaking from a hiding place via Al-Manar Television on the 14th anniversary of Israel’s pullout from southern Lebanon by then-prime minister Ehud Barak, Nasrallah said that Israeli soldiers crossed the border a number of times and that his organization would not tolerate this situation.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Let’s just obliterate him once and for all! He certainly won’t be afraid thereafter! Extend to the vatican the olive branch for all humanity.

  2. Let’s see: Israel is scared, said the terrorist “from a hiding place”.

    Right, Hassan, go back to your cave and die.

  3. When the palestinians celebrate their Nabka day to complain that Israel exists, the heavens observe Check Off day. This means that the world knows that Israel does in fact exist and always will. Check Off the box… They heard.

    Trust in Hashem.

  4. Talk is cheap.

    Why what this troglodyte, with the incoherence of a cave man, says becomes news is totally beyond me.

  5. Maybe it time for Israel to think about the image thay peltry every time they start a job and don’t finish.


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