Navy, IDF Evacuate Stranded Citizens amid Unprecedented Winter Storm


israel-floodIsraeli rescue services were called into action Tuesday to help stranded residents throughout Israel, after flooding from an ongoing storm that has hit the entire country.

In the Haifa area, IDF helicopters and crews from the air force rescue unit rescued 15 people stuck on the roof of a building in Baka al-Gharbiya amidst rising water.

In Bat Hefer near Netanya, 14 families were evacuated after the overflowing Schem River flooded some 300 homes. In nearby Chadera, the navy helped several families escape the flood in rubber boats.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. ELI, hashem we usually remember to thank as in Baruch Hashem and Yishtabach Shemo. What we lack is the Hakaras hatov to the shlechim on most occassions.


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